1. Security and Privacy

Bit.College top priority is Security and Privacy of its users.


              We are fully compliant with the european union’s GDPR laws and regulations. You can expect an               environment where your data is secure and protected.


              We aim to host a privacy focused education centre. If you share anything you can earn for your               content. You are selling ideas and information which is appreciated by people around you. We have               influencers and believe in free sharing of knowledge. Unless you share, you will remain anonymous.

          Uses blockchain

              Bit.College and Bit.Lounge use blockchain technology to handle transactions within the network.


              Bit.College and Bit.Lounge are decentralized applications which means that we do not have control               over your data and tokens. The tokens are entirely your property and ownership.


              College Token (CT)

                            1. Utility of College Token CT

                                College tokens enhance your experience at Bit.College. You can use College Token (CT) on                                 Bit.College and Bit.Lounge for buying courses, sending it to friends, watching videos,                                  joining channels, attending events, earning on social posts or news etc. College token can                                  be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies.

                            2. Fixed supply

                                College Token (CT) has a fixed supply to counter inflation. Investing in a fixed supply asset                                 is like investing in shares of Bit.College and Bit.Lounge.

                            3. Get equity of Bit.College and Bit.Lounge

                                The amount of CT your own determines the equity you own and where you can actually                                 spend and earn more shares as you go.

                            4. Enhance your experience

                                You can earn CT by using Bit.College and Bit.Lounge. You can spend CT to further enhance                                 your experience at Bit.College or Bit.Lounge.

2. Free Discussions

Discussions are for everyone and anywhere, and are rewarding!

                  a. Free to participate in discussions in thousands of topics. Discussions are for everyone. Anywhere                       in the world you are, you can ask questions to experts in discussions and view their answers.

                  b. Create your own discussion topic. Anyone can create his/her own discussion topic after signup.

                  c. Research begins here. Discussions are very important for research, discussions on Bit.College are                       breeding ground for new ideas.

                  d. Earn by asking the right questions. If your answer get upvotes from Bit.College community you                       will be rewarded with College Tokens (CT).

                  e. Monetise on your “liked” discussions. More likes the discussion gets, more College Token (CT)                       will be earned by you!

3. Courses

Bit.College have all the courses related to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

          Well researched and Authentic

              Bit.College courses are thoroughly researched and proof-read to bring you the best learning               experience, efficiently.


              Bit.College courses are updated everyday by the community to ensure you do not miss anything.


              Each course of Bit.College is explained, in detail, and has all relevant information. The style of               teaching is personal and easy to understand.


              Videos of discussions aid in learning.

          Text book

               User-friendly interface with beautiful formatting. We have also highlighted and underlined some                important terms.

          Upvotes: validated by experts

               Courses are ranked by upvotes and downvotes by the community and the experts.

          Facts and figures

               Information on Bit.College is backed by authentic and up-to-date facts and figures.

          Step-by-step Tutorials

              Step-by-step tutorials guide you from A-Z in concerned topics.


              Become a certified blockchain advisor or developer! Master your favourite are of blockchain with               recognised from Bit.College.

          Live interactions with friends

              Join virtual group discussions and learn with friends online.

4. Bit.Lounge

Bit.Lounge is a social media platform where you can get in touch with experts and make connections in the crypto world.


               i. Teach or learn in live sessions
                  You can join a session by giving some CT to content creators or create a session of your own if you                   want to teach or broadcast anything.
               ii. Watch free and premium content
                   For free content, you do not have to pay in CT. For premium content, CT will be required in order                    to view content.
               iii. Get paid for sharing content
                   Get CT as incentive for sharing content.


               i. Create virtual and live sessions. You can create your own virtual or live sessions and you can earn if                   your session is viewed.
               ii. Create and join events in your area. With the help of Bit.Lounge you can create and join events in                    your area or anywhere in the world. You can buy and sell secure e-tickets of these events on                    Bit.Lounge.
               iii. Secure e-ticketing. Bit.Lounge has secure e-ticketing system with the help of non fungible tokens                     (NFTs).


               Trending cryptocurrency content. Our blogs will keep you updated on all the latest buzz surrounding                blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

           Social media Timeline

               i. Stay updated with friends
               ii. Follow your friends or crypto celebrities
               iii. Monetised social media. Get an incentive and earn in CT to as you share popular social media                     content.

          News updates

               i. Well rounded news updates.
               ii. No censorship. Since the application uses blockchain technology, we do not have control over the                    data you choose to share.
               iii. Get paid for updating the community.

          Live coin market stats

               i. Stay updated with live price and market cap tickers.

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