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You can get enrolled at Bit.College simply by creating your account and enjoying free lifetime access to Bit.Lounge, a social space with lots of friends! Get cryptocurrency insights instantly at your fingertips.

You can enhance your experience at Bit.College with College Token which will help you discover more and access more material!

No, absolutely not! Bit.College is decentralized so you can enroll from anywhere in the world!

You can earn CT by participating in discussions, start your own channel and share content with people. Completing daily tasks will also increase your net worth.

Yes! Of course! You can use bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to unlock our courses!

Bit.Lounge is a place where you can get together with enthusiasts from around the globe and join discussions and share ideas with each other. Be it trading strategies or perhaps food recipes, there is lots of interesting things to find here!

Bit.College offers a wide array of courses where you will learn about the ins-and-outs of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Here, you will learn about:

● Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

● Mining, Staking and Masternodes

● Programming Smart Contracts

● Trading strategies

● Non-Fungible Tokens

● ICOs, and how to start an ICO

● And much more.

For a complete course list, visit www.Bit.College.

Experts in blockchain technology are in demand these days, as the technology is relatively new and keeps on evolving. Learning about blockchain will potentially make you:

1. A Blockchain advisor

2. Blockchain Programming

3. Cryptocurrency mining

4. Smart Contract Programmer (dApp programmer)

5. A crypto investor

6. Economist or financial advisor

7. Initial Coin Offering

8. Blockchain game developer

9. Teaching

10. Trading

11. Currency exchange

12. Standardisation certificate

13. Supply chain management

14. Artificial intelligence

And much more

Participate in discussions and receive likes as well as College Token! If your discussion topic gets enough likes we can consider replacing or adding your content to coursework and award you with up to 40,000 College Tokens. Receive tokens for each subsequent view while your content is up!

Create your video, voice or text channel where you can post content. You can request for College Token from your subscribers. You can teach others about whatever you are an expert of and if your subscribers like your content, you will re rewarded in CT, which is our token.

Create paid events and set a ticket price on Bit.Lounge!

Bit.College is an online learning experience, so we do not have a physical presence. However, we can meet at various blockchain conferences and meetups throughout the globe!

Yes! Bit.College’s community will keep creating channels. Just search for what you want to learn!

Bitcoin is a unique combination of currency, commodity and technology in a single resource. Operating independently of a central bank, its the first time we’ve got a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

Cryptocurrencies use encryption techniques to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency. Other cryptocurrencies, however, offer more features like hypertext which allows apps to be built on blockchain - making them secure, cost effective, quick and borderless.

Blockchain is a digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency and are recorded chronologically and publicly using this technology. These entries cannot be tampered with, deleted or altered in any way, shape or form.

If you want to learn anything related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, or socialise with people in the industry then Bit.College is the place for you!

Bit.College’s courses are crafted to perfection using language that is easy to understand and easy to read. We have highlighted all important points too, so skimmers can just skim through. Bit.College is for learners, socialisers and researchers alike!

Bit.College has many interesting features:

● Educational institutes are ranked good because they provide their students latest knowledge and information. Bit. College helps its student in every possible way in research. This specific feature of Bit. College provides opportunity of learning Blockchain in more better way.

● Bit. College provides its student 24/7 support.

● Bit. College follows all work ethics to talk with its student.

● Bit. College values its student the most.

● You can save all courses of Bit. College in your personal notebook. Because whenever you do not have access to internet that you shall not be deprived of learning.

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